Best Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

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Home remedies to whiten your teeth can be a great solution during this time. The results will better than expected if you’re using safe materials and tools. Home remedies may not be as great as a dental clinic laser whitening but they can have a significant effect on your smile.

Here’s a quick disclaimer. 

I made sure to only list the safest ingredients to make a quick and visible effect on your teeth. I don’t recommend too much peroxide or bleach products as they might not be safe for people with sensitive teeth.

Do note that over-the-counter toothpaste might use peroxide or bleach. I am aiming to help people with sensitive teeth and gums and people who have an adverse reaction to fluoride.

Here’s the end of the disclaimer:

…the American Dental Association supports educating the public on the need to consult with a licensed dentist to determine if whitening/bleaching is an appropriate course of treatment…

With that being said, here are the most common home remedies to whiten teeth.

Common Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

Your dentist knows the best treatment for you. But visiting the dentist is not always the fastest and most convenient option. You don’t have to visit your dentist to have whiter teeth.

The first thing to remember is that having white teeth doesn’t always mean healthy teeth. That’s why the usual dental care habits should still apply. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss and use mouthwash. Make it a daily habit and you will have a fresh breath and nice pearly whites you’d be proud to show off.

A healthy mouth starts with using a natural fresh breath toothpaste. Fresh-Aid oral care natural toothpaste will help clean teeth stains and protect your teeth from gingivitis.

Fresh-Aid natural toothpaste will help you clean tooth stain and will also help strengthen teeth and gums by eliminating cavity-causing plaque.

Without further ado, here are the best teeth whitening remedies you can use at home.

Use whitening toothpaste

Not much of an advice but it still needs to be said. Whitening toothpaste has become cheaper, ubiquitous, and new technology has made it far more effective than products 15 to 20 years ago.

Apple cider vinegar + baking soda

Use a part apple cider vinegar with baking soda just enough to make a smooth paste. Two parts apple cider vinegar with one part baking soda is ideal. Use it to brush your teeth twice a week to have whiter teeth in two to three weeks.

Note that you need to limit baking soda use for dental care. Use it like this for a week or two only (three at most) or it will become harmful for your body.

Gargling apple cider vinegar also works to whiten teeth. It takes less effort but the whitening effect will take longer. 

Oil pulling

Gargling coconut oil can decrease teeth stains. The best thing about this is that it’s safe and natural. It’s a low-effort habit that you can do daily.  

If you want to add more to this then you can put some mashed peppermint leaves to give it a little flavor and have your mouth smelling clean.

Activated charcoal

Make a paste of activated charcoal and water. Make sure it’s a smooth paste as the charcoal can be abrasive to the tooth enamel. Use it as toothpaste and brush your teeth with quick and short strokes.

Be mindful as you might feel some charcoal getting too much in contact with your teeth. Just pull back and gargle as needed.

Dental Solutions for Teeth Whitening

Dental treatments are in the end the most effective way to whiten teeth. Your dentist will know the specific treatment you need.

Here’s an overview of the usual dental treatments.

At-home whitening

Your dentist can recommend a whitening toothpaste like Colgate’s Optic white. All you need to do is use it daily or as per your dentist’s instructions.

Aside from the toothpaste, you can buy whitening strips or whitening pen. 

This is the lowest-effort whitening solution your doctor can advise you to do at-home. This is also the safest compared to fast-acting but more abrasive products.

Laser treatment

Speaking of fast-acting. How about getting teeth that are 10 shades whiter after an hour? 


That’s laser whitening for you. It’s an expensive process that’s gotten cheaper. It’s so effective that it’s a no-brainer to plunk down some cash if your wish is to truly have glaring light reflect from your teeth when you smile.

Fresh-Aid Oral Care Natural Toothpaste, 3-in-1 Floss Pick & Natural Mouthwash

Regular oral care habits are essential to keep your teeth white and healthy. As mentioned, white teeth don’t always mean healthy teeth.

Take care of your teeth by strengthening tooth and gums, removing biofilm regularly, and taking care of a dry mouth. All of this can be done in one go through Fresh-Aid’s complete line of dental care products.  

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