Best Way to Floss with Braces – How to Use Floss Picks If You Have Braces

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For people who get braces, a lot of habits change. One of them is flossing. So what is the best way to floss with braces? A good way to do it is batching the task so it takes less effort.

Braces seem to go in and out of fashion year after year. Regardless, corrective braces remain a necessity for some people. Not only do braces help with jaw proportions, they also help prevent gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay.

Braces need regular cleaning. Using a toothbrush is one part of the process, as long as you make sure to brush around the wires and pins. Although this can double up brushing time, this is a good way to batch oral care.

Flossing is still highly advised to remove plaque from braces. However, regular floss is sometimes challenging to use with braces as you can imagine. A quality dental Floss pick is necessary to make the task easier.

With braces, the most efficient tool is a water pick as it’s safer and produces better results.

But water picks are not accessible to everyone. Most people also don’t know how to use floss picks with braces. In this article, we will explore how you can floss your teeth with braces using regular flossers.

Best Way to Floss with Braces – Are waxed floss threads the best way to floss with braces?

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Waxed thin floss threads should be the standard to use with braces. Regular floss gets snagged between wires and pins. If you only have access to unwaxed flosses, you will need to slow it down a few notches and be extra gentle to prevent the thread from getting caught in the braces.

Note: Be careful not to accidentally cut the thread as it will get stuck in your braces and will take you some time to remove it. Here is a step by step guide to how to floss when you wear braces:

Step 1: Make sure you have enough floss thread (try 18 inches for more control)
Step 2: Move the thread under the wire
Step 3: Pass it between your teeth
Step 4: Remove the floss again with passing out of the wire in mind
Step 5: Repeat for all teeth

This tool and process might not look ideal. If you think that this is too much of a hassle, keep reading, we have some solutions for you.

How to remove stuck floss thread from braces

green braces on crooked teeth

Having stuck floss in your braces is a nightmare. There are a few ways you can deal with the situation. Here’s a list of solutions to get rid of the flossing thread in order, from the easiest to the most elaborate solutions.

1. gargle water
2. pull the thread gently
3. brush your teeth
4. use a water flosser (if you have one)
5. visit your dentist

Some floss types will dissolve on their own inside your mouth in a few hours. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure to first check the type of floss you’re using. If you are using the type that dissolves then you don’t need to take any further action besides being patient.

Here’s how to use floss picks if you have braces

Water picks remain the best solution to use with braces. It’s the safest and fastest way to clean your braces and teeth.

Another efficient solution is floss picks like Fresh Aid Oral Care 3-in-1 floss pick with a tongue scraper. Since the set has both a floss toothpick and a tongue scraper, it makes it easier to batch both flossing and tongue scraping after brushing.

The small floss thread will easily pass through the wires. The soft pick is easy to use when removing food between teeth. Using toothpick floss makes many things easier if you have braces.

There are not many steps to use floss picks if you have braces. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Use the pick in between the contacts
Step 2: Work your way gently around your mouth
Step 3: Use the floss thread part as usual

Note: Some floss picks are thicker than others. Make sure that the plastic in the floss part will fit in between the wires so you don’t damage your braces.

Step 4: You can alternate using the pick and the floss part
Step 5: Work your way through each teeth
Step 6: Gargle water while doing this and end the session by gargling more water

As you can see, floss picks are easy to use even if you have braces. You need to be careful although there’s very little chance of floss thread to get caught in the wires.

floss pick with tongue scraper tung

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