5 Best Ways to Fix Dry Mouth During Pregnancy

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Dry mouth during pregnancy is not unusual given that the baby requires more fluids for growth and development. Aside from this, fluctuating hormone levels can contribute to dry mouth as well, including other oral issues such as gingivitis.

What Causes Dry Mouth Pregnancy?

There are several reasons why dry mouth occurs when you are pregnant. Here are a few examples.


Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than being consumed which is dangerous for pregnant ladies since the baby needs water for development. In instances when dehydration has become critical, it can lead to premature or labor or even birth defects.

Sleeping Problems

Sleep problems, such as difficulty sleeping or getting up from bed frequently, are not unusual during pregnancy. But these issues can also cause breathing issues to crop up like sleep apnea and snoring. Both these side effects can lead to dry mouth. Pregnant women who are experiencing dry mouth sleeping because of sleep apnea may need to talk to their doctors for a safe solution.

Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes only happens when you are pregnant where your blood sugar levels can shoot up. A pregnant woman needs to have more insulin in their system but when their body cannot produce enough of it, gestational diabetes occurs. Among the symptoms of this condition is dry mouth during pregnancy, fatigue, and excessive thirst.


An overgrowth of Candida Albicans can also cause that dry, cottony-feeling in the mouth during pregnancy along with other symptoms like loss of taste and soreness.

Home Remedies for Dry Mouth

Alleviating dry mouth during pregnancy can help reduce the uncomfortable feeling that it brings. But which remedies are safe to use?

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Remain Hydrated

One example of home remedies for dry mouth, while you are pregnant, is to drink more fluids. The recommended amount of fluids should be around 10 8oz. cups of water. Aside from water, other types of fluids that are allowed are tea, coconut water, as well as fruit juice. A good indication that you are experiencing dehydration is when the color of your urine is dark yellow. On the other hand, if it is a clear yellow liquid, then you are well hydrated.

Frozen Fruit or Ice Chips

Another way to alleviate dry throat and mouth while you are pregnant is to suck on ice chips or even frozen fruits the entire day. Not only will this contribute to keeping you hydrated, but the cool temperature will also ease any sores inside the mouth as well.

Chewing Gum or Hard Candy

Chewing on sugarless gum or dry mouth lozenges can help boost saliva production which is needed for preventing dryness in the mouth and throat. Just make sure that the hard cady or gum should not contain sugar as much as possible since your blood sugar levels are already elevated while you are pregnant.

Skip Alcohol-based Mouthwash

There is nothing wrong with using mouthwash as part of your oral hygiene but make sure that it is free from the alcohol content. Alcohol may cause dryness which is why you should look for one that doesn’t have this ingredient.


Another remedy for dry mouth pregnancy is either chewing on or drinking ginger. Ginger has components that can make your saliva production better, plus this herb can cleanse the mouth too. And as an added bonus, ginger can be helpful in reducing the effects of morning sickness.

Is There a Toothpaste for Dry Mouth?

Oral hygiene is necessary for preventing dry mouth, especially in pregnant women, but many are wondering, “Is fluoride toothpaste safe to use?”

Fluoride may be useful in preventing the formation of cavities and tooth decay, but there are studies pointing to its dangerous side effects in babies while in utero. Although there are some medical experts that do not agree with these findings and insist that pregnant women can still use fluoride toothpaste, it is better to err in the side of caution. That said, switching to a natural toothpaste may be a good idea.

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Best Natural Toothpaste for Dry Mouth and Bad Breath (Spearmint 4oz size)

Vanilla – 9998 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
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It is understandable that you will feel concerned about exposure to fluoride with your oral products, that is why going for natural toothpaste for dry mouth and bad breath comes recommended. Fresh-Aid promises all-natural ingredients for their toothpaste that is safe to use for all ages. It is specifically formulated to target bad breath and dry mouth using ingredients like olive oil, Xylitol, sodium bicarbonate, and mastic gum. It is SLS AND FLUORIDE-FREE too!

What we like:

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What we didn’t like:

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Aside from natural remedies to solve dry mouth pregnancy, switching to a natural toothpaste like Fresh-Aid is highly recommended. With its all-natural ingredients in place, dry mouth and throat will no longer be an issue. 

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