Brushing Teeth too Hard and 4 Other Don’ts in Personal Dental Care

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There are a few mistakes we do unconsciously while brushing our teeth, one of them is brushing teeth too hard. The damage they cause is bigger than we think. One of those mistakes is brushing teeth too hard.

A lot of people hate brushing, and it’s understandable. But what people hate more is flossing. Dental care habits are not as intuitive to us as we wish them to be. They require a bit of effort and discipline. We are just not pleased to put anything but food in our mouth. That’s why we struggle to adopt and maintain habits like these. 

The best way to pick up these habits is gradually integrate them into your routine. The Japanese call this process “kaizen”. Which refers to the philosophy of continuous cultivation of certain practices and habits to achieve personal efficiency. 

In other words, we can form healthy habits by implementing small steps everyday. By improving by 1% everyday we eventually reach 100%. So if you’re not used to brushing three times a day then brush for 30 seconds once a day until you get used to it. 

The same goes for flossing. Floss once a month or once a week until you can floss once a day.

The Inception of Bad Habits

Forming good habits seems impossible as opposed to bad habits that take no time to become natural. The worst about bad habits is they can camouflage themselves under good ones. People who constantly brush and floss might have some bad habits hiding underneath.  

Not all bad habits are obvious. Being mindful is the ultimate way to spot hidden bad habits we do without noticing. Mindfulness is difficult as we carry out our habits on autopilot. Fortunately, once we start being mindful of our actions, we are able to scan and recognize our mistakes.

To help you identify what you’re doing wrong in your dental hygiene routine, here are the 5 most common brushing and flossing mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Brushing Teeth too Hard

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Brushing teeth too hard can not be beneficial in any way. Contrary to what most people think, it doesn’t remove stains or tartar better. It doesn’t make your brushing any more efficient. It does actually has to complete opposite effect. 

Also, brushing teeth too hard turns your teeth yellow since it destroys their protective enamel. Without the protective enamel, food and drink stain your teeth.

Yellow teeth can be fixed, but why fix it when you can prevent it? Having yellow teeth is not a health risk, but no want wants it. Besides that, brushing too hard makes you prone to teeth and gum sensitivity.

Mistake #2 – Sawing Motion when Flossing Teeth

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Now who flosses with a sawing motion, you ask? 

Many people floss do it thinking it’s the right way to do it. That is due to the multiple flossing guides online that instruct people to gently floss in a sawing motion. It’s still not a good way no matter how gentle you are.

Water dripping on a rock will break it eventually.

Sawing motion is called that because it’s like using a hand saw where your intention is cutting the 4×4 in half. So why use this technique on your teeth?

Use a gentle up and down motion instead.

Mistake #3 – Brushing Before Flossing

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This one isn’t as bad as the previous mistakes but it’s definitely sub-optimal. The best way is to floss first then brush.

When flossing first you soften up the plaque build-up and dislodge food residue. Brushing after flossing helps the bristles do their job better.

For more on flossing before brushing, read our complete cleaning guide here.  

Mistake #4 – Replace Toothbrushing with Flossing

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It’s completely wrong to floss and not brush at all. It’s the same as brushing and not flossing. It’s like Tom Sawyer painting the front of the fence and not the inside or vice versa.

It’s just incomplete.

When you floss then you clean in between teeth. Brushing cleans everything except in between teeth. 

Mistake #5 – Using the Same Part of the Floss

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Using the same floss to clean different parts of your mouth is bad. By doing that, you spread the bacteria and food residue across your mouth.

If you’re using an ordinary floss then just use the unused portion of the thread to clean other parts of your teeth. 

If you’re using a soft pick then clean it under running water and soak it for 30 seconds in antibacterial mouthwash before using it on a different part of your mouth.   

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