Floss Picks vs Floss – What’s the Easiest Way to Floss?

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The only foss pick with a functional tongue cleaner

Is it even a contest when you pit floss picks vs floss? 

What’s a floss pick, again? 

You’ve seen a floss pick before in your local drugstore or grocery – those small, disposable, plastic toothpick looking things with a small thread of floss in them. They come in small packets or a small plastic container.

Floss picks are super convenient when you’re a frequent traveler. It’s the easiest way to floss when you’re a person on the go.   

When it comes to floss picks vs floss, individual preference does matter because there are instances where floss pick is advantageous to use and there are situations where using regular floss just makes sense.

When is a floss pick better to use than regular floss

So floss picks vs floss? Floss picks really shine when you want to floss and you’re not at home. It’s easy to just toss the packet in your travel bag, school bag or briefcase then use it once you need it.

It’s one of the ultimate alternatives to flossing!


Floss picks are convenient. Even if you’re at home, a floss pick is faster to use than regular floss.

It’s the same as when you’re traveling. Pick up the packet of biodegradable floss picks and you’re set.

Floss picks are more effective at removing food particles and plaques 

According to many articles online, floss picks are more effective at removing food particles and plaques than regular floss. Since it’s shaped like a toothpick, and effectively is a floss thread with a handle. This makes it easier to grip which makes it easier to move and remove food particles with either the toothpick part or the floss half.   

Floss picks make reaching the back of the mouth easier.

The floss handle makes it easier to reach inside the mouth. Again, this is intentional due to the design of the floss pick. The size will vary but you can buy them at any size that you require because it’s so cheap anyway.

When is a floss pick not better than regular floss

floss thread out of a floss dispenser

There are situations where floss pick is not the tool for the job. That’s why floss threads still exist. They’re still useful for specific people.

So when is a floss pick a bad choice vs regular floss?

You will use more than one floss pick

Most people need more than one piece of floss pick as opposed to regular floss where you only need one string. Since floss picks are cheap, the floss part and the toothpick part may or may not be the most durable.

This doesn’t apply to all floss picks as there are many brands that are aware of this problem and thus addressed or solved the breaking problem.

In general, floss picks break and you will need to use a couple of them to finish up 1 flossing session.

Harder to clean below the gum lines

Floss picks have small floss threads so the movement of the thread is limited which is attributed to its inability to clean the gumline thoroughly. 

But again, as stated before, there are floss picks that are bigger than others. While the bigger floss picks movement is still limited, it’s a little bit longer and you can curve the floss thread so you can move it much more than the small version. 

Harder to use for people with tighter teeth

This one could be the deal-breaker for a few people. Floss picks can be very hard to use for people who have tighter packed teeth.

While floss picks do have wax similar to regular floss, it’s still designed to be like a toothpick. So whatever cleaning power you gain from curving floss threads and using two hands with a regular floss you lose some of that when using a floss pick.

Do note that you can buy the best floss picks for tight teeth. They are out there and available.

There are products that are specifically designed to solve, or at least mitigate some of the tight teeth problems. These design decisions make it easier for people to use these floss picks even if they have tight teeth. 

Floss with Pick – Here are the best dental floss picks (2020)

Floss with pick or those little, plastic, disposable floss picks is convenient and easy to use for people on the go. They’re not designed the same way, they’re not all effective and choosing the right brand does have an impact.

Much like toothbrush, floss with pick has different sizes and designs that may work better for other people than others. Ther are floss picks that are made from non-toxic, gentle materials that are durable and with other functionality built into it. 

Fresh Aid oral care is one of those 3-in-1 flossing tools that have the floss end, the toothpick and a tongue scraper. If you’re a frequent traveler then this is a must-have if you want to maintain your oral care when not at home.

So here’s the best dental floss picks in the market right now.


Fresh Aid Oral Care 3-in-1 Best Floss Pick and Tongue Cleaner

best floss pick tongue scraper combo
best floss pick tongue scraper combo

What we like

✔️ The only floss pick with a functional tongue scraper
✔️ Durable material helps you reach back of the mouth without breaking
✔️ Affordable price

What we didn’t like

❌ Pick is not in a regular configuration that people are used to

This is one of the best dental floss picks that’s a great value for the money. It’s bendable but it won’t break easily. It gives you more confidence to clean into the back of your mouth or clean between teeth without breaking.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Dental Floss, Mint, (Pack of 2)

oral-b makes one of the best floss with pick

What we like

✔️ Innovative technology
✔️ Best for new floss pick user as it’s less painful to use
✔️ Oral-B is known for quality products

What we didn’t like

❌ Only 75 dental flosses in a 6 pack

Oral-B is the number 1 dentist recommended brand. This company is known for durable and innovative oral care products.

The glide is their flagship floss pick that puts comfort as a primary consideration. This handle is designed for easy grip. It has a couple of innovations called Scope Outlast Flavor Floss Picks and Textureslide technology, both of which were specifically added to make this floss pick have a lasting taste, easier to use and less painful. 

DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks Fresh Mint 150 Each

dentek triple clean floss with pick

What we like

✔️ 3-in-1 type floss pick
✔️ You can get 150 floss picks in 1 pack

What we didn’t like

❌ Tongue scraper is small

This is one of those floss with pick that is 3-in-1. It has a pick, a floss and a tongue cleaner. While the tongue cleaner is not as substantial or efficient because it’s so small, DenTek is cheap and you can 150 floss picks in 1 pack.

They also coat their floss threads and tongue scraper with a mint flavoring. It’s cheap, durable and designed with a textured pick to remove food particles better.  

GUM Comfort Slide Flossers, Fresh Mint, 90 Count

gum comfort slide floss with pick

What we like

✔️ Ribbed handle
✔️ Gentle pick is great to use for people with tight teeth
✔️ Floss thread is shred proof 

What we didn’t like

❌ Pick can be too soft

Gum’s company mission is to make it easy for people to take care of their teeth. This floss pick is a testament to this mission. The comfort slide’s focus is to make the floss pick handle durable and easy to grip so you can focus on cleaning between your teeth. No need to worry about breaking it in the process.

The pick is gentle but can be unsatisfying to use. Some people say that they feel like the softness of the pick doesn’t make it harder to remove stubborn food residue in the mouth. It feels very gentle on the gums and between the teeth and the ribbed handle feels great between the fingers.

PLACKERS Micro Mint Freshens Breath, Dental Flossers Mint 90 Each (Pack of 2)

plackers micro mint floss with pick

What we like

✔️ Fresh mint flavor freshens breath
✔️ Tough floss picker and no shred floss thread

What we didn’t like

❌ A little bit more expensive

Plackers pride itself for the Super Tuffloss design. The pick is tough and the floss thread is shred proof. The floss pick is a 2-in-1 with a protected pick that’s safe to keep in bags during travel. Plackers also boasts of a Twin-Line dual-action dental flossers that are mint-flavored and made to glide in between teeth.

People love the toughness of this floss pick. It doesn’t have as many features as other floss picks but their emphasis is on the toughness of the product. But it’s a little bit more expensive than the other brands as this one costs $8.95 for a 2 pack.

High-Quality floss with pick

kid with nice flossed teeth

Fresh Aid oral care’s floss pick is a unique 3-in-1. It’s innovative, tough and very usable. It’s one of the best floss alternatives for people who are frequent travelers.

It’s got a tucked in pick which makes it safe to store in bags. It’s tough as nails so you don’t need to use multiple floss picks in one session. It has a tongue scraper to prevent bad breath on the go.

Floss picks vs floss –  What’s your choice?

Regardless of the choice, flossing alternatives are better than not flossing at all. If you want convenience then Fresh-Aid Oral health care 3-in-1 floss pick and tongue cleaner will have you flossing on the go.

floss picks vs floss - this floss beats regular floss

It doesn’t matter even if you’re in school, office, airport or hotel. The 3-in-1 Fresh-Aid floss, pick and tongue scraper will do a great job like you’re using a thread floss in your own home. 

Are you flying somewhere in a couple of days or so? Pick up a Fresh-Aid floss pick pack right now and up your oral hygiene game!

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