Floss Sticks – Healthy option or not the best flossing alternative

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Floss sticks are a healthy option and one of the best flossing alternatives out there right now. One thing we are sure of is that using floss sticks or floss picks is better than not flossing your teeth at all.

Is floss sticks good or bad? There are tons of articles online that argue one or the other. In this article, I am compiling the top complaints that people write online about flossing. I will also address them with an open mind.

Here are the most common downfalls of floss sticks as one of the many alternatives to flossing.

Number 1: It doesn’t have the same satisfying feeling as a floss thread

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It seems that whether people use the best dental floss picks or just the run of the mill disposable floss picks, it doesn’t feel as satisfying as using regular floss.

This argument doesn’t miss the point completely. Feedback or how people feel when using something is important to help guide them as they floss. For example, am I flossing too hard, am I hurting my gums by doing this or am I doing enough?

That said, this is still a weak argument.

If you can’t get touch feedback from the floss sticks then use other forms of feedback like visual feedback. Looking at the mirror can help you see if you’re doing it right.

Mindfulness will also help. So if you’re flossing be intentional and don’t just daydream or go through the motions. Here’s a great resource on conscious flossing.

Number 2: Floss sticks hurts people with sensitive gums

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Control of the floss threads is not as good when you’re using floss sticks. If you have sensitive teeth there are not many adjustments you can do if you’re using toothpick floss.

You can wiggle regular floss if you feel like its hurting you or if it feels too abrasive. 

This argument is valid if you have very sensitive gums. Other than that, there are soft floss picks that are specifically designed to be gentle and safe.

Of course, do all the necessary precautions. Buy and sample a few brands. Test what works and what doesn’t work for you. Don’t force yourself to use products that are harming you.

Number 3: The environmental impact of plastics

George Carlin once said that saving the planet is a concept made by arrogant people. He also said that the planet will probably irradicate humans and just absorb the plastic as its own once the human virus is gone from her surface.

Of course, that’s just a funny bit on his standup tour. The reality is plastic does hurt the earth. It kills sea creatures and adds to global pollution.

But this reasoning is kind of a strawman because there are biodegradable floss picks and floss sticks. It might be a deal-breaker years ago but not this decade.

You can also do your part by throwing flossers in the trashcan instead of throwing it on the street, the ocean or anywhere public.

Number 4: Germ migration

Using a single floss stick to clean all your teeth might move the germs from one teeth to the other. The germs stick to the pick and the floss thread.

The good news is that floss sticks are cheap so you can use multiple floss sticks for different parts of your mouth. If you want to use only a couple of floss sticks in one session then soak the floss pick in mouthwash for a minute or 2 then move on to the next section of your mouth.

Number 5: Flossing is hard and useless anyway

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This a report from Public Health England about flossing about 5 years ago. The European Federation of Periodontology stated that flossing has no proven benefit.  

It’s hard to argue with experts. What they’re saying is clear – regular flossing with floss threads has no benefits. Interdental brushes work better than floss.

Flossing might be useless when done on a regular basis but all of us can feel the benefits of using floss sticks. 

A great example of this is when you eat food that is prone to stick between your teeth. No amount of brushing can remove that. Floss sticks can do the job without hassle.

Now imagine having food stuck between your teeth when you’re traveling. It looks ugly if it’s visible and even if it’s not visible your mouth will stink after a few hours.

The only quick solution is to use a dental floss pick. It’s in your bag, it’s small, discreet and works perfectly. 

So are floss sticks the healthy option and the right alternative to flossing?

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