Good and Bad Food for Teeth

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It seems instinctive to know what‘s good or bad food for teeth. Sugary and starchy food is usually bad while fruits and veggies seem to always be good. The task at hand then is to make a list of what is good and bad food for teeth.

Do note that this is a list of the best food for teeth and the worst foo for teeth. This is not a complete list but you can use it as a guide to add to your own list. 

Food and Drink that Damage Teeth

lady eating candy


Yup. Sweet candy can cause cavities. Sticky and sweet candy more so. Sugarless candy is fine. 


Taste great when watching your favorite movie. What’s that feeling in between your mouth then? Yes, that thing can crack your teeth and can even misalign them. They’re also painful and very hard to remove even with a floss pick. Avoid the kernel or the hard film-like stuff that did not pop. 

Hot and Cold

Drink hot water then follow up with cold water can crack your teeth. At the least, it can weaken your teeth’s enamel. So before drinking cold and hot water, hot and cold water, take a few minutes to let your teeth get back to its neutral temperature.

Sugary drinks

Speaking of cold. Cold, sugary drinks can damage teeth the same way candy can. Add to that the damage that ice cubes can cause if you chew on it. And before you think it’s safe, no, carbonated drinks are the worst of this bunch.

Stones Fruits or Fruits with Pits

People tend to eat fruit and accidentally bite on pits. This will eventually damage enamel, loosen crowns, and can even crack teeth. Here’s a list of stone fruits.

Food Good for Teeth

kid on a swing eating apple

Now that you know some of the bad food for teeth here is some great food for healthy teeth and gums.

Food like apple, carrots, and celery have something in common. While apple is sweet it’s also filled with fiber and water much like carrots and celery. They’re good food for teeth much like most leafy green veggies. 

Here are other foods, aside from milk and the aforementioned fruits and vegetables, that are also known to be good for teeth. 


Cheese is calcium and protein-rich which makes it one of the foods that helps strengthen teeth and bones. According to studies:

…eating cheese raised the pH in the subjects’ mouths and lowered their risk of tooth decay. It’s thought that the chewing required to eat cheese increases saliva in the mouth.


Aside from calcium your teeth also need Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your teeth activate the full healing potential of calcium in your body.

Citrus fruits

Orange, lemon, and grapefruit. These are some of the citrus fruits that can give you the needed Vitamin C in your body. Vitamin C helps slow down gum disease by lowering inflammation in your body. One thing to remember is to brush your teeth an hour after eating fruits like this so you don’t push the acidic liquid in your teeth.


Water hydrates the body. It can be used to gargle and it also makes your saliva better suited to breakdown food. Thicker saliva can lead to dry mouth and drinking water is the best way to remedy this.


In line with milk and cheese, yogurt is also rich in calcium. It also has some healing and gut cleansing properties that could help you maintain the pH balance of your body.


Sugarless gum to be specific. It activates the production of saliva and prevents dry mouth. The saliva makes it easier for you to breakdown food in the mouth and helps you chew food better.

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