Heal Cavities Naturally – 10 Ways to Remineralize Teeth

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Can you really heal cavities naturally by remineralization?

As we grow older our teeth lose the minerals that make it strong and healthy.

Losing the minerals in our teeth is as inevitable as aging. Imagine, the food we eat, the way we eat, mouth bacteria and even our saliva adds to the wear and tear every single day that we are alive.

But there is a process called remineralization which is supposed to minimize wear and tear on the teeth.

Heal Cavities Naturally

Some of these steps are more for prevention rather than cure. But as Warren Buffet said, the best time to start oral care is 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW! I’m pretty sure that’s the exact quote.

You may not completely reverse all the damage you accumulated when you were negligent, but starting a consistent oral care habit helps a lot even if you feel it’s too late.

Here they are.

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1. brush teeth

Brushing your teeth is the best thing you can do for your oral care. Brushing reduces the accumulation of streptococcus mutans which is responsible for causing cavities. It is known to clean and reduce gum line cavity. Irregular brushing will allow plaque to build up. This amount of unattended plaque will dissolve the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities.

2. floss

In line with cavity prevention, we know that biofilm and food debris stuck in between teeth not only cause bad breath but also promote plaque build-up and cavity. Flossing cleans the biofilm from the teeth and also helps remove food in between the teeth.

3. avoid fluoride toothpaste

Most people need fluoride and will benefit from it. Now here’s something a little bit contentious. Fluoride is great at strengthening the teeth but there are people that have bad reactions to fluoride. So it harms them even more instead of helping.

4. prefer to consume sugar-free food

Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to other health concerns aside from lque build-up. Contrary to popular opinion, sugar in itself doesn’t cause plaques that lead to cavity but it will when combined with saliva and other bacteria in the mouth. Brushing your teeth will help mitigate the effects of sugar but it will do you good if you minimize sugar altogether.

5. chew sugarless gum

According to studies, sugarless gum makes you salivate and that saliva produced helps reduce plaque build-up and gum sensitivities. Aspartame gums or alcohol sweetened gums are not for everyone. Consult your dentist first to know which brand suits you.

6. minimize consumption of citrusy fruits or fruits juices

Citrus fruits are highly acidic. Fruit juices are also acidic but even non processed products have sugar. That’s double trouble, so avoid juices and limit acidic fruits from your diet.

7. vitamins and minerals

Everything with do to neglect taking care of our teeth strips calcium from it. To help your teeth eat food rich in calcium or take vitamins and calcium supplements.

8. reduce dairy products (especially milk) and starchy food

Similar to citrus fruit milk is also very acidic. While milk is rich in calcium you can get the benefits of milk and no acidity from other sources like soy milk.

9. try probiotics

Bifidobacterium and lacto bacili shirota strain in Yakult or yogurt can help in remineralization if taken daily. Here are more helpful strains that are most beneficial to teeth remineralization – salivarius, reuteri, rhamnosus.

10. drink more water

Water is the universal solvent. It lubricates the mouth, helps clean it and even detoxify the body. I know this sounds like a war crime for some people but try to drink more water instead of drinking tea, coffee or soda.

Fresh Aid natural oral care

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There are toothpaste and mouthwash products that are specifically designed to fight cavity and protect the enamel. But like mentioned these are fluoride-filled products so if you’re sensitive to that then you need to use natural oral care from Fresh Aid.

If these 1o ways are way too much for you then just remember to brush your teeth twice a day, gargle water after a midnight snack if you can’t brush instead of sleeping right away, limit sweets and drink plenty of water daily.

The best natural toothpaste to help decrease teeth demineralization is non-fluoride. Natural mouthwash will also help your teeth recover calcium.

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