How to Clean Toothbrush: Sanitize & Disinfect or Replace?

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How to Clean Toothbrush

Do you sanitize or replace a toothbrush? The honest to goodness answer is that you need to replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Yes, just like what your dentist told you in elementary school.

This is a rule of thumb that applies to most people. However, there are cases where replacement is necessary. 

You might need to replace your toothbrush more often if, like my kid, you brush your teeth like your fighting. I try to remind my son to take it easy but in vain. Sometimes he just brushes so hard and bites on his brush that it disintegrates in less than a week.

We bought him a soft-bristled toothbrush that’s softer to his gums. He even got better at brushing slower and more gently. 

The best way to know if you need to replace your toothbrush is to check its state. You should replace your toothbrush if the bristle looks flat and like plastic sandpaper. 

It goes without saying that you should replace your toothbrush if the bristle is broken.

Broken bristles can’t clean effectively and you risk harming your teeth and gums when the hard plastic scrapes it.

When you use your brush properly, your toothbrush will last for at least a month. 

You might not see or smell it but toothbrushes can get very dirty with time. That is the case where you can sanitize and disinfect your toothbrush. If not damaged you can clean your toothbrush and keep it for a maximum of three months. 

How to Clean Toothbrush – What is the Best Toothbrush Sanitizer? 

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You might think to yourself ‘Why do I even want to sanitize my toothbrush, nobody’s using it but me anyway?”

If you look closer, you will realize that sanitizing your brush is highly necessary. That’s what scientists have concluded after literally looking closer. 

After use, toothbrushes are usually moist and kept in a warm place in the bathroom. Additionally, we put brushes inside our mouth scraping food, saliva, acid and any bacteria we have even when we are sick. 

Do you notice that sometimes when it’s flu season and as soon as you start healing, you get sick again?

This might be caused by your toothbrush. If you reuse your toothbrush after being sick without cleaning and sanitizing it, chances are it keeps all the bacteria. It can make you sick again.

Here is a guide to help you sanitize your toothbrush by using available household items to UV toothbrush sanitizers.

You can disinfect toothbrushes by using these methods

1. Mouthwash method
2. Vinegar method 
3. Boiling method
4. Denture tabs method

The Mouthwash Method

How to clean toothbrush using a mouthwash?

This is a good way to clean your brush when you’re in a hurry.

Step 1: Fill a quarter of your cup with an antibacterial mouthwash
Step 2: Put your toothbrush inside the cup
Step 3. Make sure to soak the part that you use inside your mouth which means at least soak past the bristles
Step 4: Leave it for 30 seconds then rinse before using

The Vinegar Method

How to clean toothbrush using vinegar? This one should be done once a week only. Hydrogen peroxide is the best option for quick daily disinfection of toothbrushes. However, we prefer gentle and safe natural methods.

Step 1: Fill your cup with vinegar.
Step 2: Soak your toothbrush in the vinegar.
Step 3: Leave it overnight.
Step 4: Rinse your toothbrush before using.

The Boiling Method

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Warning: Boiling kills all germs but it might reduce the lifespan of your toothbrush. Use this method only in case you’re out of options as it will soften the bristles super quick.

Step 1: Put your toothbrush in your pot full of water
Step 2: Boil the water and let your toothbrush soak in there for 3 minutes

Burn warning: Avoid burn injuries by wearing plastic gloves.

Step 3: Turn off the fire and let the water cool before fishing your toothbrush out
Step 4: Rinse your toothbrush before using. 

Denture Tablet Method

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How to clean toothbrush using a denture tablet? Denture tablets don’t only cean dentures fast, it also cleans toothbrushes. And it also has an antibacterial effect. Use this method as the preferred method if you have denture cleansers.

Step 1: Drop a tablet in a cup of warm water
Step 2: Let it mix in with the water for a few minutes
Step 3: Soak your toothbrush in the solution for 3 minutes
Step 4: Rinse your toothbrush before using

Here are a few more methods not mentioned in the list above.

Dishwasher Method

If you’re going to wash dishes, why not include your toothbrush?

Step 1: Put your toothbrush in the utensil rack.
Step 2: Use a hot cycle without detergent. 
Step 3: Take your toothbrush out and rinse before using.

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Method

How to clean toothbrush using UV toothbrush sanitizer? This is the fastest and most effective method but it’s something not readily available in most households. The mouthwash method works just as well for sanitizing. A UV toothbrush sanitizer is just very convenient to use.

As you can see in the video below, you just put your brushes in the UV sanitizer brush holder and you’re done.

Electrocution warning: The UV sanitizer needs to be plugged in. Please be cautious when using electricity near water. Likewise, note that you don’t need to put the UV toothbrush sanitizer near your kitchen or bathroom sink. Some of them are built like small cubes and are portable making them work anywhere with an outlet.

Step 1: Plug it in, turn it on (there should be a blue light).
Step 2: Put your toothbrush in the UV sanitizer brush holder after brushing.
Step 3: Take it out again and use your toothbrush immediately.

A healthy oral hygiene requires you to clean your toothbrush. Additionally, The tools you use for oral care should be taken care of properly otherwise they lose their efficiency.

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