How to Remove Coffee Teeth Stains

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We, coffee drinkers, are prone to coffee teeth stains whether we like it or not. Preventing coffee stain on the teeth is not easy since we need to be mindful of our coffee drinking habit. A habit that is pretty automatic for most of us.

Coffee can cause bad breath and other oral issues. This article, however, will focus mostly on removing teeth stains.

How to Get Rid of Coffee Teeth Stains

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One way to remove coffee teeth stains is by using whitening paste. You can make a homemade whitening paste.

The fastest and most effective way to make a homemade whitening paste is to use one teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of water. This will make a great baking soda whitening solution.

Some people might add hydrogen peroxide to the solution. Generally, baking soda is enough.

Use the paste to brush your teeth for four to five minutes. Make sure you focus brushing on the stained areas.

It is said that there is no evidence to support that natural toothpaste helps fight tooth decay, bad breath, and clean coffee teeth stains. The fact that dentists recommend baking soda for whitening is eye-opening.

The old ways are not always outdated or useless. Ginger is still used to soothe teeth and gums. Aloe vera extract is also used to heal and moisturize.

Coffee Teeth Stains Prevention

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Prevention of coffee stains on teeth is not easy when drinking coffee is a subconscious habit. However, there’s nothing to worry about if you have a proper and consistent brushing routine.

Here are the best ways to prevent coffee stains on teeth.

Brush at least twice a day

It is highly advised to brush after every meal. You can brush your teeth when you drink coffee during breakfast. Brush again after a quick pick me up in the afternoon. This is the best way to prevent coffee teeth stains, tea teeth stains, or soda stains on teeth.

Gargle water after drinking coffee

If we need to brush after a meal then we also need to gargle lukewarm water after drinking coffee. I know how tempting it is to get cold water from the fridge and use that to gargle. This is not going to help after drinking hot coffee as cold water will make your teeth enamel weaker.

Regular flossing

Flossing helps remove biofilm in between teeth. These are food residue that helps form tartar and plaque in the teeth and gums. Coffee leaves stains that’s could be worse if not cleaned. Consistent flossing, toothbrushing, and mouthwash usage will help remove stains before they stick.

How to Remove Coffee Teeth Stains with Fresh Aid

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