Kids with Crooked Teeth: The Causes and Concerns

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kid with crooked teeth

Should we blame sweets when it comes to kids’ crooked teeth? In reality, that can’t be ruled out, however, there are some other factors to consider. 

First, kids with crooked teeth have no way of learning how to take care of their teeth except through learning from parents.

Second, Evolution can actually explain why we might get crooked teeth. It’s not the direct reason but it’s one of the main reasons our mouth is prone to crooked teeth.

Early humans used to eat tough meat which made their teeth strong and jaws big. In contrast, today, humans consume much more soft food. With this switch of lifestyle and evolution, our teeth didn’t have a chance to grow strong and our jaw has a hard time accommodating all our teeth.

Crowded teeth in the mouth will cause crooked teeth for adults. These traits can be inherited and can manifest as either an overbite or underbite. Kid’s crooked teeth, however, is caused primarily by loss of teeth.

Crooked Teeth – What you can do

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Note that the complications of misaligned or crooked teeth is not only about the aesthetic part. In fact, these problems can interfere with chewing, can increase the likelihood of cavities, and can even strain your jaw.

As mentioned, overbites and underbites are inherited. It’s important to also know the other causes of misalignment such as:

1. loss of teeth
2. badly installed fillings or crowns
3. thumb sucking
4. use of a pacifier 
5. gingivitis
6. cavities

On the surface, crooked teeth might look like a merely cosmetic issue but in reality, crooked teeth might develop into gingivitis. Teeth and gums swell when you’re chewing but the teeth are not aligned.

Some of these problems require orthodontic treatment. However, some problems can be saved or at least prevented. In this article, I will focus on one of the most common causes of misalignment that you can control which is tooth loss. You have a lot of preventive measurements to take when it comes to tooth loss.

Kids with Crooked Teeth – How to Teach Kids to Brush Their Teeth

People are different and so are kids. This is in not a one-for-all way of how parents should take care of their kid’s dental health. This is however, general recommendations of how to deal with kids dental health.

Brushing teeth is important to prevent tooth loss. Teaching kids to brush at an early age is the best way to prevent tooth loss.

Let’s get into it.

Brushing is not complicated. What’s complicated is getting your kid used to brushing their teeth three times a day.

You will need to assist your kid when brushing teeth and walk them through it step-by-step. Some kids might even need help to learn how to hold the toothbrush. Starting five years old, it’s easier to explain and teach a kid the best way to take care of their dental health.

Generally, starting seven years, kids will start complaining, slacking, and would resist brushing their teeth. In this case, you need to find a way to entice them and help them add the habit to their routine. Going back to assisted brushing should be the last resort.

Tips and tricks to make your kid love brushing

  • Make brushing a 3-minute event. One minute preparation and 2-minute brushing. Make it fun. Throw in music like this.
  • Create a routine. Make it a habit for your kids to brush their teeth 30 minutes after meals. Reinforce this habit with fun music and stories. Try to not miss the routine for two days in a row because it breaks the habit cycle.
  • Join your kids when brushing. Believe it or not, your kids look up to you, literally and figuratively. When they see you do something it immediately makes them interested to do what you’re doing. 
  • Use cartooned themed toothbrushes to reinforce happy fun time vibes.

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