Morning Breath – 5 Ways to Avoid Bad Breath in the Morning

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You can avoid morning breath by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash more often. Healthy teeth and gums mean your mouth is free from odor-causing bacteria. 

Aside from better oral care, there are a few lifestyle changes that you can do to avoid bad breath in the morning. Here are some of them.

How to Avoid Bad Breath in the Morning

Aside from the usual advice of brushing and flossing, here are some of the things you need to do more and some other things that you need to avoid.

Do: Use a good mouthwash more often

A good mouthwash is a chemical-free mouthwash. It means no alcohol, sweeteners, or other harsh germicidal properties. All these harsh chemicals contribute to dry mouth and bad breath.

So look for a gentle but effective natural mouthwash.

Avoid: Onion and garlic

You need to avoid onion and garlic-based dishes, especially during dinner time. It will be difficult to remove garlic breath in the morning if you have a garlic or onion heavy dinner. 

If you have no choice but to eat these dishes then you need to brush and scrape your tongue a little bit longer than usual. And again, use mouthwash. Be warned, this may not be enough to completely remove the odor. The ideal solution is to avoid eating these types of dishes if you can.

Do: Clean your tongue

Speaking of tongue scraping. The Fresh-Aid floss pick with tongue scraper is a great starter kit for you to make it a habit to clean your tongue. This floss pick will help you floss and scrape your tongue using only one tool.

Cleaning your tongue is important if you want to wake up with fresh breath. It will not only remove food particles but other residues on your tongue as well. If you don’t have a floss pick with a tongue scraper then use a spoon to scrape your tongue.

Avoid: Smoking and vaping

Particularly smoking. Nicotine will not only ruin your teeth but it can dry your mouth. Smoking is a major cause of gum problems as well. I know it is not easy to quit these habits for most people but if your goal is to have fresh breath then you need to get rid of this habit as soon as possible.

Do: Chew sugarless gum

Morning Breath Ways to Avoid Bad Breath in the Morning using sugarless gums

Sugarless gum is effective at increasing saliva production. Unlike sugar-rich gum, these will not cause additional bad breath since there is no sugar for bacteria to break down.

Sugarless mints are less effective than gum but they should work until you can brush your teeth. 

Medical Issues That Can Cause Bad Morning Breath

Medical issues like GERD or acid reflux can cause morning breath. It can activate when you are stressed or under pressure. The more you can relax, the less acid reflux you’ll have.

You can take antacids before bedtime to decrease the acid flowing out of your esophagus while you sleep.

Of course, there are more medical issues that have bad breath as a symptom. Kidney and liver problems are some of them. Now, if you suspect any of these to be the cause of your bad breath, then you need to see a doctor.

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