Natural Mouthwash – Does it Elevate Blood Pressure?

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Chemical mouthwash is known to elevate blood pressure more than that of natural mouthwash. In fact, natural mouthwash without chemical antibacterial properties will not elevate blood pressure.

Mouthwash was made to kill bacteria that causes bad breath, gingivitis and can reduce plaque buildup. The problem is that most of the over-the-counter mouthwash kills all bacteria, even the good ones. The good bacteria produce nitrate which in turn, turns it to nitrate oxide.

Dr. Raul Bescos explains in this article why: “And when nitrite in saliva is swallowed, part of this molecule is rapidly absorbed into the circulation and reduced back to nitric oxide. This helps to maintain a widening of blood vessels which leads to a sustained lowering of blood pressure after exercise…”

Why Over-The-Counter Mouthwash Will Elevate Blood Pressure?

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The keyword that you might isolate in the above quote is “exercise”. But regardless of people exercising or not, chemical mouthwash with antibacterial properties can still increase blood pressure under resting conditions.

According to this study, antibacterial mouthwash from the drugstore or grocery stores can cause hypertension. “…mouthwash twice/day or more had higher incidence of hypertension compared to less frequent users…”  

The only real reason is that they’re just too harsh and they kill the good bacteria that produce nitrate. This is 100% true if your mouthwash is alcohol-based. Alcohol up to 60% to 70% kills 99.9% of germs. 

According to a similar study, “In effect, it is like oral bacteria are the ‘key’ to opening up the blood vessel…”

The bacteria produce nitrate is known to rest in the saliva. Humans swallow this nitrate-rich saliva which becomes nitrite. This nitrate in the body determines the increase or decrease of plasma nitrite that is involved with the physiological control of blood pressure.  

So not only will this increase blood pressure by destroying all bacteria in your mouth, but it will also destroy the delicate balance of the microbiome in your mouth.

Natural Mouthwash is Gentle, Safe but Just as Effective

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Tea tree oil-based natural mouthwash that doesn’t use harsh alcohol will help improve your oral care.

It is a powerful cleaning agent that also fights plaque buildup, especially when you combine it with a chemical called xylitol. 

That’s why we have the Fresh Aid natural mouthwash. It is made from safe, natural ingredients that are just as effective but will not harm your blood pressure. 

It has a gentle cleaning agent which is tea tree oil and xylitol. Both of them fight germs and reduce plaque at a very efficient rate. So using Fresh Aid natural mouthwash regularly will help improve your oral health fast.

More Reasons Why Fresh Aid Natural Mouthwash is Good For You

Fresh Aid oral care natural mouthwash is not alcohol-based. 

It does not have harsh antibacterial chemicals, it helps remove biofilm in the mouth that causes bad breath.

1. Proprietary orange extract helps remove biofilm

2. No alcohol and no fluoride for people with sensitive teeth or allergies

3. pH balanced and no chemicals like SLS, PEGS, sweeteners or artificial coloring

Antibacterial chemicals like Triclosan are not bad if used properly. Proper use means that you need to minimize usage so as not to kill the good bacteria in your body or destroy your mouth’s delicate ecosystem.

An imbalance in the pH of your mouth will do more harm than good. That’s why we at Fresh Aid oral care offer natural products of the highest grade ingredients. We want to offer natural and gentle alternatives that are just as effective and will not harm our avid buyers.

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