How to Prevent Swollen Gums Around Tooth When Flossing

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It’s hard to prevent swollen gums around tooth when flossing if you’re not consistent with your oral care habits. Brushing and flossing on a consistent basis is important to prevent any oral health problems.

Why gums bleed

Now, if you’re consistent with your habits then it’s time to look elsewhere. Your bleeding gums can be caused by either:

  1. Bad flossing and brushing technique
  2. Gingivitis

Here’s how to address each problem.

Proper technique to prevent swollen gums around tooth when flossing and brushing

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Brushing teeth and flossing seems easy enough but there’s a proper way to do both to prevent gum bleeding. But first, you need the proper tools for the job.

What you need

  1. Soft bristle brush
  2. Waxed floss or soft floss pick

Using soft bristle toothbrush along with waxed floss should solve the problem for most people. If not then you need to change how you brush and floss.

Proper brushing to avoid bleeding gums

Step 1: always remember to put your brush at a 45-degree angle
Step 2: gently move the brush back and forth

Attention: Use gentle strokes tooth-wide not mouth-wide or gentle strokes will be less effective.

Step 3: brush outer and inner mouth
Step 4: use generous amounts of water to gargle and spit
Step 5: brush for two minutes
Step 6: scrape your tongue with the toothbrush or tongue scraper
Step 7: finish up with another gargle

Gentle movements and mindfulness will also apply when it comes to flossing. Click on this link to learn about the 3 simple steps of conscious flossing.

  1. Aside from using a waxed floss, use at least 18 inches of floss thread
  2. Stop and check your floss after each flossing point and check any blood or food debris. If you find any then just use the clean part of the thread for the next one.
  3. Smell the floss to detect any infection in the gum pockets.

Warning: Any infection, bleeding or pain should be noted. See your dentist if any of these symptoms persist.

Gingivitis – I Floss Everyday but my Gums Still Bleed

monalisa knows that bad smell is sometimes a sign of infection

Brushing and flossing daily should put gum bleeding at bay. You may be eating with dental plaque-induced disease.

Induced gingivitis is due to a person with bad oral care habits in the past. So if you have plaque buildup in the past it’s natural for gums to swell or bleed once you make brushing and flossing a habit.

There is another type called non-plaqued induced which is more complicated like genetic factors, allergic reaction, and germ infections coming into play.

Most people with bad oral health habits will experience gum bleeding when they start brushing and flossing on the regular. Bleeding should stop once teeth and gums get used to the new habit.

If the bleeding extends for more than 2 weeks then you should consider soft bristle brush, waxed floss or soft picks. Aside from that, you need to use natural toothpaste and mouthwash that are pH balanced. Since most over the counter toothpaste and mouthwash use harsh chemicals switching to natural products might solve your problem.

Check with your dentist if you’re allergic to fluoride. Some people are very sensitive to fluoride and they don’t know it. Some of them live in areas where tap water is infused with fluoride so using fluoride oral health products irritates their gums when too much of it accumulates in their body.

To summarize:

  1. Use gentle toothbrush and floss
  2. use natural toothpaste and mouthwash
  3. try to lessen fluoride intake

There is specific gingivitis mouthwash that’s specifically made for swollen gums treatment. You can ask your dentist or pharmacist about that.

As for germ/fungal related gingivitis, there are also a few oral antifungal pastes that you can buy without a prescription.

Fresh Aid Oral Care Natural Toothpaste and Natural Mouthwash

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