Traveler’s Breath – How to Keep Breath Fresh While Traveling

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How to keep breath fresh while traveling is a persistent issue travelers had since the beginning of commercial air travel. It’s not a singular case because many plane passengers deal with it. Keeping a fresh breath is especially a challenge during long transcontinental flights.

Aside from medical issues or genetic disorders like halitosis, do you wonder why does this happen often when people are in flight? 

1. Change of diet when traveling

Keeping a healthy diet when traveling is challenging. Even people with gout and diabetes will take shortcuts just to eat bad food when traveling. It’s easier and more practical to eat whatever you can get your hands on because traffic and long lines are stressful. 

Check airlines and airplane food to see that they’re mostly cola, fast food or fried food. If your gut is not used to this kind of food, it will have a hard time processing it properly. So sometimes stink escapes out of your pores and breath. 

2. Oral hygiene habits are neglected

People in a rush sometimes neglect their hygiene habits. Flights are like deadlines that you don’t want to miss. The easiest habits we can forego to save time are hygiene habits. 

There are people I’ve sat within flights who obviously neglected to shower. For instance, parents with kids, they usually don’t have time for a full hygiene process. It’s understandable as you know they have their own struggles to get on that seat.

3. Dehydrated mouth

According to, you’re only allowed to bring 3.4 ounces of liquid containers inside a quart-sized bag. Granted you don’t have many liquid type stuff to lug around. However, you can still bring a small water bottle and mouthwash in that bag if it is within the limits. 

The best scenario is that you have a water bottle and the airlines are also selling bottled water if you run out. On flights, you can have water from the staff, but sometimes you might find that you just need so much more water to keep your mouth hydrated.

4. Skipping meals

This is in line with diet change. Fasting during flights, even if you’ve brushed your teeth beforehand, can cause bad breath. It’s that awful morning breath that seems to surface back up when you skip meals.

Those are the most common causes of traveler’s breath. Read on to find out how to prevent and how to cure bad breath fast.

Preflight Prevention – How to Cure Bad Breath Fast 

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The best prevention is a consistent oral hygiene ritual. 

1. Brushing after meals
2. Couple that with daily flossing
3. Visit your dentist at least twice a year

Aside from that, drinking water (instead of soda), eating less meat and more leafy green vegetables also help clean your gut. Keeping a healthy diet is very important to keep a fresh breath.

It also depends on what kind of traveler you are. Prevention is not easy during fights, especially if you’re an anxious traveler. Flights make people want to take as many shortcuts as you need to get the flight over and done with.

Anxious or not, you need your own pre-flight checklist in order to be mindful of your habits and food intake. Preparation will help you stay calm.

The list below assumes you’ve already packed what you need.

1. Did you eat breakfast (or meal)?
2. Did you floss and brush your teeth after eating your meal?   
3. Did you use mouthwash after brushing?
4. Do you have enough water between your ride to the airport up to your flight?

This is the bare-minimum preparation you can do before your flight. Some people might need more help than this and that’s where the in-flight prevention comes in.

In-flight Prevention – How to Get Good Breath

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It’s not easy to control your environment during flights. You can’t carry as many hygiene products as you’d like but you can still make the most of what you have. 

The best way to prevent and fight bad breath during flight is to bring with you the Fresh-Aid 3-in-1 Floss Pick and Tongue Scraper (3PK) | No Break Floss and Toothpick, Best Disposable Tongue Scraper. It’s a convenient, pocket-sized, total oral dental care kit for fresh breath.

Fresh-Aid 3-in-1 Floss Pick and Tongue Scraper (3PK)

Why is this the best choice?

1. You can use this as a floss after your airplane meal.
2. Use the tongue scraper to prevent white tongue and bad breath 
3. Built-in pick to clean teeth and stimulate gums 
5. You don’t need much water to gargle and spit food debris after using
6. Portable size, and clean no mess packaging perfect for airplanes, office & school
7. It’s disposable

Now for the easiest but less effective way to fight bad breath during fights.

Sugarless Breath Mints with Xylitol

assorted flavored mints

Yes, there are mints with sugar. This is something you can also use in a bind but it’s even less effective.

But using sugarless mints with Xylitol is the fastest and easiest way to mask bad breath and works longer than sugar-based breath mints. Xylitol is the active ingredient for many of these mints. It’s like sweet plant-based alcohol. 

Bacteria will thrive inside your mouth if you eat sugar mints. Xylitol is simply an alcohol-type sweetener that’s not as friendly to mouth bacterial growth.

Bad Breath Gum

lady blowing a bubble from gum

The taste of breath mints lasts longer and feels better in the mouth than chewing gum. However, there are some advantages if you want to pick gum instead of mints. Here are the pros and cons of gum.

Pros of gum over mints:

1. Some anti-bad breath gums have antibacterial ingredients 
2. Gum facilitates natural saliva production
3. Most brands also use sugarless versions with Xylitol
4. Some brands have teeth whitening properties


1. Chewing gum is not a good look (imagine a goat chewing grass)
2. It can be misinterpreted as disrespectful in some cultures

The choice between breath mints or gum is a matter of personal preference. The important thing is to know that these are just quick fixes.

The Long Term Solution – How to Keep Breath Fresh

It’s OK if you don’t know how to keep breath fresh while traveling. Maybe that’s not important to you.

One thing that should be important to you is the health of your mouth and teeth. Great oral healthcare habits shouldn’t end at home or in the hotel if you can bring something that can help you anywhere you go.

If you’re always traveling keep the Fresh-Aid 3-in1 floss pick with the tongue scraper on top of your bag’s pocket. Make it a habit to clean your mouth and you’ll have fresh breath and plaque-free teeth.

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